Russian restaurant „U Nataši“ reminds of home. A real stand out here is the home made dumplings which are so gentle they melt in your mouth. While the decor is a story in itself, as the walls are part of the original Tallinn wall, it’s the carefully put together menu that shines the most. Every dish is mouth watering and nostalgic, honoring the key principle of the place that everything is cooked from scratch and on the spot. The food is simply „coming home to mom“ good and its hard to find more value for your money than that. Also we cook delicious Russian pies and pastries so that everyone can come and try and buy to go!

Russian restaurant "U Nataši"
Opening times: Mon-Sun 11AM - 8PM

Meriton Old Town Hotel, Tallinn
Ground floor
Lai 49, Tallinn
Phone: (+372) 61 41 350